August Update

The garden production has been somewhat altered by the rain this summer.  Not enough when needed and too much when it comes.  We’ve been making our weekly food donations to the pantry and will continue as long as the garden continues to produce.  We are re-planting crops such as lettuce. carrots and beans; these should last till Oct.  The pumpkin patch continues to flourish with the rain and heat and should be good this fall.  Check the web site for the notice on our pumpkin pick’n party this fall!

The attendance has been somewhat slow, probably due to the excessive heat and rain, and the animals haven’t enjoyed it much either.  The vets that have been here have said, “What an enjoyable and peaceful place this is!”, and many have returned for another visit.

We have used our contacts to help some vets with their medical and transportation needs to the V.A.  We have also introduced vets to other vets who are participating on the farm, producing many new friendships and contacts.

Rose Page update

The roses are doing quite well despite our goofy summer.  The blooms are coming, but a little on the small side due to young plant growth.  We have taken pics of the roses and will shortly be attaching them to the name of the veteran to whom each is dedicated on our Rose Memorials page.  Plaques that will be placed next to each rose, displaying the photo and a dedication to the vet for whom it was planted, are still in production and will be ready when the roses are full grown.  We’ll update the Rose Memorials page with new pics and produce new plaques as additional roses bloom.  (UPDATE: Pictures were added on Aug. 20)

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