October Update

The month of October was a busy one. We have been pulling the last of the produce from the gardens and have begun winterizing the farm.

The totals for the produce delivered to the food pantry were down fifteen percent from last year due to the ridiculous weather we had this year. The squash and melons suffered the most due to opening a new field this year, on property donated from our neighbor to the west Bob Perkins. Thanks, Bob! We will be adding twenty tons of manure to the field this fall and that will help boost next years production.

We had a very successful First Annual Fall Festival on the 22nd (see the previous post for details). The children painted an SUV full of pumpkins. They were delivered in place of roses to the Veterans in the V.A. hospital. Marty, our Rose Lady, did a wonderful job and setting up and advertising for the festival. Thanks Marty! We’re looking forward to see what surprises she has in store for us next year.

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