January Update

We started the new year delivering furniture to a couple of our veterans in need. It seems that the need for help in this area is growing as the hard economy prevents our veterans on fixed incomes from being able to get or replace worn out home furnishings. Donations of home furnishings would be welcome as long as they are not worn out – slightly used or outdated is OK.

Looking back at last year’s programs, I am pleased with the response and accomplishments. Our staff helped veterans resolve health issues, acquire home furnishing items, we delivered produce to our local food pantry, and we supplied good will and gifts (including roses and decorated pumpkins) to the veterans in the V.A. hospital in North Chicago.

I’m grateful for all the support we received from our corporate and private donors. I would like to give a special thanks to Marty Cornett (my li’l sister) for being the “Rose Lady” this year and giving such a warm personal touch to this program. Additionally I’d like to thank her for the gracious donation of $10,000 to the Freedom Farm.  Her gift will keep the insurance paid and assist in the fuel costs incurred in making our deliveries.  This financial and personal support for our veterans and active military is what the Freedom Farm is all about.  Please join her in supporting the farm.

The plans for the 2nd annual poker run have been finalized, (July 15th 2012).  We will be having a Northern Illinois run and a Southern Wisconsin run with both ending at the same location.  The entry will be $15.00 per rider and $10.00 per passenger at this year’s event.  Raffles, food, prizes and a silent action will take place on the run.  Watch the web site for route information and additional details – hope to see you there!

The garden program will be starting soon.  It’s time to start the seedlings and get the tillers ready to go.  The frost in the ground is little to none, so with a bit of luck we can get the gardens in early.  Times being what they are, we can use all the produce we can grow.

There has been some confusion as to who we consider a veteran.  To the Freedom Farm family, any individual who has completed boot camp and been given a duty station is considered a veteran (reserve or active). YOU and your family have made the commitment to put yourself in harm’s way for us, and we at the Freedom Farm thank you for your service and sacrifice.  We’ll do whatever you need us to do to help or assist you in your lives, before, during, and after your service.

Thanks again to our supporters, donors, and especially to our veterans and their families.

John Ress

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