March Update

March on the farm is a quiet time in the fields, but a great time to plan the years activities….

Organization of projects and paperwork to keep things running smoothly are being formulated for the coming years of operation. Waivers for volunteers and member cards are being developed for use everyone helping out. Lists for programs/projects for 2012, and the years to come, are being developed and we are looking to volunteers for ideas of services or programs you would like to see on the farm. A donation box and a suggestion box are being put on premises for your direct participation in farm activities. Please feel free to ask about them. A meeting of the Board of Directors has been planned for April 19th at 7:30PM, with an overview of the coming years plans and an emphasis on volunteers and your role on the farm.

Programming began with the plans for the July Poker Run.  We could use a couple more volunteers, so we’re asking anyone interested in helping us work on this event to let us know, by phone or e-mail. We are looking forward to a fun and very successful day! Places along the routes will be posted here in the near future.

The garden planning has begun and the soil is about ready to turn over and ready to plant. A few more weeks will get us the point where we can let you know when to come and help create another year of success in the organic garden. Being part of putting the garden in now means that you can have an affect on your own health and on the lives of the many people who receive this produce from our local food pantry. We donated about 1000 pounds last year! Lets aim for at least that again!!

The Rose Program is beginning to look like it will have a longer season than last year. The warm weather has the roses leafing out earlier than usual and, with a little protection from frosts, we should have very healthy plants to produce blooms that will keep giving to the hospitalized veterans for a long time. Anyone with an interest in working with the rose program can contact Marty here at our web site. It would be great to have someone working with us this year.

The animals are doing well. The horses have enjoyed the warmer weather and the ducks and chickens are doing well too. The pastures have greened up quickly and allowed Red and Little Girl to get out in the sun. Come and visit them on a pretty afternoon.

Remember, if you have a need for resources – numbers or names of people that may help you with any issues – we are here to help. If we can’t give you a number to get you there, we will find someone who can.

Check us out April.  The flyers will go up when planting is ready to begin – so come see us and ‘get your hands dirty’!!

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