May Update

The month of May was a busy one, planting the gardens and signing up new volunteers. Our veterans, staff, and volunteers completed the planting of our gardens and pumpkin/squash patch, and the seeds are poppin!  Each morning George and I take a golf cart ride to inspect the gardens; this is all new to George and he is fascinated by the progress.

The Zion ROTC graduates are some of the volunteers who help out at the farm.  We welcome the interaction with our future military and our veterans; these young men and women get first hand knowledge what the military is really like, and what sacrifices they will make before and after service.  One of the highest honors a person can achieve in life is to be able to say is that he or she is a veteran, and these young men and women experience this before they enter the service by interacting with our veterans, here on the farm.

The article in last month’s Lake County Journal said that I would be leaving to work to fund this program. Well, I’m still here. Funding is still a big issue, but somehow we will prevail. Though my leaving would solve the funding issue, the programs would suffer while I was away. I cannot leave our veterans if that means our service to them will diminish. Our veterans have given us the right to live free and safe, so we MUST and WILL give them whatever they need to lead productive and enjoyable lives. After all, isn’t that what they fought for, too?

The Tavern League of Kenosha County voted to support the farm, and did so with a generous monetary donation. They are also supporting our July 15th poker run by selling our dollar discs. We are having more made and will keep spreading them out.  Thank all of you who have supported the Freedom Farm by donating in this way.

I am now asking everyone reading this to pledge a dollar to our cause. For less than the cost of a newspaper, you can help our veterans and their families enjoy a healthy and prosperous life, like the one they made it possible for the rest of us.

Remember: The highest honor a person can achieve in their lifetime is to be called a veteran.

Thank you all,


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