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Poker Run Results

On July 15, 2012, the Freedom Farm held the 2nd Annual Poker Run and would like to send out a BIG thank you to all that donated to our event, and to all who came out to participate and support our programs for veterans. Our event made great strides over last year and we wanted to share them with everyone.

We had a 100% increase in riders on the run and a 300% increase in donations of gifts for our silent auction, raffle, and monetary support through $1 disc sales, wristband sales, and cash donations. We want to let everyone know that the support goes directly to the farm to improve and increase our programs.

We want to send a huge thank you to the participating bars that welcomed our participants during the ride: Fatman Pizza Pub, R&R Crossing, Hawg Heaven Bar, C’Mon Inn, Bobby’s Barrel Inn,Wagner’s, Deadmanns Saloon, Mustang Shelly’s Roadhouse, The DMZ Bunker, and Bobby Rockets.

We would also like to send our special thanks to a group of bars and their owners that helped us by selling our fundraising bracelets and discs, even though they were not on the run route, to support our work for the vets: Tavern, Croz, Pell lake Inn, Main Street Inn, Blinders, and Ralph’s Ace of Hearts.

Vendors and organizations help us by donating their services and products to benefit those that we help the most – the veterans and their families – and we appreciate everything that they have given us. We look forward to increasing the program next year and building on our programs as they continue to grow.

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Rose Memorial Update

The weather this year has been very hard on our roses. We made two deliveries to the V.A., dropping off 27 roses to our veterans; then the heat and wind took over.

George (one of our regular volunteers, a Viet Nam veteran) and I hauled some 5000 gallons of water from whoever would donate it to us. We were forced to cut back watering the roses as much as we would have liked – we had to stretch the supply for the livestock and the vegetable garden, too. The stress this placed on the roses has limited flower production, so we hope to be able to resume delivery of flowers to the vets at the V.A. and take the final dedication photos of the plants this fall.

– John

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June Update

June on the farm has been tough this summer. The drought has taken its toll and the work is constant to get water to the horses, small animals, and the garden especially. We want to thank the people who have donated water to the farm while the tanks have been dry and appreciate everyone’s help to keep things going.

The garden has produced several loads to the food pantry including lettuce, swiss chard, zucchini, beets, broccoli, and radishes. Although the water hasn’t been plentiful, the produce we have harvested is beautiful. Again, thanks to the Zion High School ROTC and other volunteers for planting the garden in May to get us to this point.

The Rose garden is also coming along. The lack of rain just keeps them from producing as many blooms as usual, but two visits to the James Lovell Medical Center for deliveries made the patients smile. Actually, the I think this is the best part of my job, because the nursing staff and the patients are wonderful to visit. Three more roses that were added in May have begun to bloom, so anyone that wants to donate a rosebush is still most welcome to do so. The veterans love them.

Our big event is coming this weekend…the 2nd Annual Freedom Farm for Vets Poker Run!!! On July 15th, grab your friends, get on your bikes, and enjoy a truly beautiful ride through countryside. Sign up is between 10 AM and 12 Noon at Fatman Pizza Pub for the south run and Lily Lake Resort for the north run. Arrival time at the end is 5 PM at Lily Lake Resort. The two ‘runs’ will give riders a choice of where they want to spend their day and the party at the end promises to be full of good food,fun and prizes.In addition to informing you about the bar destinations along the route, we want to thank the bars for their support and participation this year. The south run includes Fatman Pizza Pub, R&R Crossing, Hawg Heaven Bar, C’mon Inn, Bobby’s Barrel Inn, Lily Lake Resort. The north run includes Lily Lake Resort, Wagner’s, Deadman’s Saloon (formerly Wildlife Refuge), Mustang Shelly’s Roadhouse, the DMZ Bunker, and Bobby Rockets. These establishments have been very nice to us and we appreciate their support. Invite your friends and join us for a fun Sunday in July and ‘see you on the road’!

The following is a list of organizations and individuals who have made donations to support the event thus far, and we want to send out a BIG thank you to all of them. These donations help to make the Poker Run a great success!

  • Budweiser Brewing Company
  • Miller Brewing Company
  • The Chicago White Sox
  • The Chicago Bears                                            
  • Lily Lake Resort
  • Mustang Shelly’s Roadhouse
  • Wagner’s
  • Steve Olson Printing & Design
  • Deadman’s Saloon
  • The DMZ Bunker
  • Whistling Pete’s Embroidery
  • Bobby Rockets
  • Kaiser’s of Kenosha
  • Fatman Pizza Pub
  • Jim & Steve’s Sportscard Shop
  • R&R Crossing
  • County of Kenosha, Division of Golf 
  • Hawg Heaven
  • Beef Ornatek
  • C’mon Inn
  • Matthew Balen
  • Uke’s Harley Davidson
  • Bobbie’s Barrel Inn
  • Octagon Salon and Spa
  • Blinder’s
  • Texas Roadhouse 
  • Silver Lake American Legion
  • Dover Saddlery
  • Main Street, Twin Lakes
  • Lovin’ Oven Cakes
  • Croz
  • Mickey Finn’s Brewery & Food Pub
  • Ralph’s Ace of Hearts
  • Soccer Plus
  • Pell Lake Inn
  • Ken Patel
  • The Tavern
  • Racine Harley Davison
  • Kenosha County Tavern League
  • Danny’s Café, Inc.
  • Zion Cyclery
  • Gemini Salon and Spa
  • Bristol Hair Shoppe
  • River Valley Garden
  • Wadsworth Feed
  • Hoeksema’s Mini-Mart
  • Captain Porky’s
  • Omni Salon and Spa, Zion IL
  • Hair Crafters
  • Coco’s
  • Guttormsen Recreation Center
  • Palmer Martino, Kenosha WI

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