Poker Run Results

On July 15, 2012, the Freedom Farm held the 2nd Annual Poker Run and would like to send out a BIG thank you to all that donated to our event, and to all who came out to participate and support our programs for veterans. Our event made great strides over last year and we wanted to share them with everyone.

We had a 100% increase in riders on the run and a 300% increase in donations of gifts for our silent auction, raffle, and monetary support through $1 disc sales, wristband sales, and cash donations. We want to let everyone know that the support goes directly to the farm to improve and increase our programs.

We want to send a huge thank you to the participating bars that welcomed our participants during the ride: Fatman Pizza Pub, R&R Crossing, Hawg Heaven Bar, C’Mon Inn, Bobby’s Barrel Inn,Wagner’s, Deadmanns Saloon, Mustang Shelly’s Roadhouse, The DMZ Bunker, and Bobby Rockets.

We would also like to send our special thanks to a group of bars and their owners that helped us by selling our fundraising bracelets and discs, even though they were not on the run route, to support our work for the vets: Tavern, Croz, Pell lake Inn, Main Street Inn, Blinders, and Ralph’s Ace of Hearts.

Vendors and organizations help us by donating their services and products to benefit those that we help the most – the veterans and their families – and we appreciate everything that they have given us. We look forward to increasing the program next year and building on our programs as they continue to grow.

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