September Update

September was an exciting month for the Farm and our partner Coravir. In Latin Coravir means “Heart of a Hero”, which is the name for the new congregate home for veterans opening soon in Zion, Illinois. This new home will provide housing for as many as 100 disabled veterans who are searching for a fresh start.

Coravir provides all meals, laundry, and services for our wounded warriers in a friendly and homey atmosphere. Pool tables, computer centers, and a pet center are just some of the activities in the home – and for those who wish to take to the open air a shuttle service will take you to the Freedom Farm any time during the day. Coravir is always looking for volunteers to help us get the building ready to open. We have to complete the fire sprinklers on the first floor and do a little rearranging, then it will be doors open. This is a beautiful facility with all the comforts of home and a staff whose sole purpose is to help our veterans in any way they can.

The Freedom Farm for Vets is proud to partner up with Coravir in our mission that “No Vet is ever left behind”. We are here for you always – if we don’t provide it, either we know who does, or we’ll find out for you.

In other news, don’t forget about the Hog Roast coming up! We’ll be cooking at the farm on an open spit Saturday, Oct.20, starting at 6:30 AM and finishing by 1 PM. Then we’ll be going over to the Tavern in Winthrop Harbor for a feast, so come on out!

This summer has been one tough one for the roses. We’ve had a bad case of black spot mildew. An enormous number of Japanese beatles have kept us hopping as they try to eat the leaves that are left. We pick the little critters off twice a day and remove bad foliage. We haven’t lost any plants, and now with the weather change they seem to be doing better.

If anyone would like to volunteer to help with the daily care of our rose garden, we would welcome you with open arms. These roses are dedicated to our special family of veterans who have passed on, and we will not let them perish. We are currently working to prepare memorial plaques of last year’s roses in full bloom, so keep checking our Rose Program page.

A special thanks to all our volunteers who worked our information booth in hanger ‘A’ at the Waukegan Air Show Saturday, Sept. 8. They had a very busy day and many of you donated to help us continue on with our mission. Coravir’s CEO was on hand to explain their newly acquired facility in Zion. Good Luck to them!

This was our first year at the Wings over Waukegan annual show and we couldn’t have asked for a warmer welcome. The air show staff helped our volunteers to put up a perfect booth in a minimal amount of space. Great job! Look for us to be back again next year.

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