November Update

Is winter ever going to come? This month has been so mild that we still have a few fall veggies hanging on. They look kinda funny with ‘frostbite’, but still taste good.

Planning for the expansion of the gardens next year has begun, since we’ll need to expand the gardens at least three times to provide the produce that Coravir’s kitchen will require. Our disabled veterans living at Coravir will be eating the healthiest vegetables possible starting next year. We’ll need as many volunteers as we can get to make this possible, so contact us if you’re interested. The rehab of Coravir’s new home is set to begin next month and, if all goes well, the home will open early Spring.

We need to thank the Warbird Heritage Foundation once more for opening their doors to our Veterans. We took a group from the James A. Lovell V.A. in North Chicago, IL to tour their facility on Monday the 5th. One of the highlights for me was when a wheelchair-bound veteran from WWII ran his hand over the wing flap of the P-51 Mustang and with a tear in his eye said he was so grateful to see “such a beautiful ol’ girl” in fantastic condition. This veteran told me how the P-51 Mustang saved his life more than once and what a joy it is now to be able to “see her again”. Sean did a fantastic job hosting the tour of the Warbirds; he really went all out for our veterans.  Thanks, Sean.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season.  We’re looking forward to 2013 here on the Farm, and hope all of you are too.


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