December (and year end) Update

We closed out the year with our final trip to the V.A. of the season. Season’s greetings were spread throughout the wards in the form of our hand-made ornaments. Marty Cornett made her own special “rounds”, making deliveries to the veterans. Her bubbly personality was just what the doctor ordered, and left each room full of holiday cheer, including a personal “Thank you” to each veteran she visited. Thank you, too, Marty!

The year on the farm was not all we had hoped for, at least as far as vegetable production was concerned; but being at the mercy of the weather is just part of farming, and we still did OK. With the addition of a well next spring water will no longer be an issue and the harvests should be plentiful. The winter will bring the re-model of the barn, with the completion of the day room and shop area, along with new siding and fencing. We have much to do before spring planting, and would welcome anyone to join us in the remodel – particularly if you’re looking for something to do to while away the winter hours in a productive way, volunteer style.

Coravir now has their web site up and running (, so stop by and see the future home for our disabled veterans. We are looking for tradesmen willing to volunteer their time and expertise upgrading the utilities in the home. We have much to do before this facility can open in the Spring of 2013. Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC are just a few of the trades we need, and we’d really appreciate your help. Many of the other tasks needed will be performed by various groups, including local ROTC, and 4-H organizations. Bringing the community together for a worthwhile cause is how this wonderful home will be completed, and when it’s finished it will be something we can all be proud of.

Reflecting on our year of activities and fund raising on the farm, I have noticed that we occasionally meet folks who seem a bit confused about the responsibilities of a volunteer. Volunteers are special people who give of themselves to a cause for which they believe, and ask nothing in return, other than the good feelings they receive from doing something worthwhile. We have encountered one or two individuals who seemed more concerned about how volunteering made them look to the public; they don’t last for their cause is not just. Our veterans need us to be 100% true to our purpose – we have no time for those who wish to ride the coattails of those who care, and are willing to give back to those who gave us everything. It is our responsibility to give the best we can to those who gave us the best they can!

Our resolve for the new year is to try to improve our efforts where we’ve struggled, build on what we’ve done well, and continue to reach out to others who want to help us in our endeavors. Our veterans deserve nothing less.

A Happy New Year to all!


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