February Update

The staff from the Freedom Farm would like to thank everyone for the support we’ve received during this very difficult time on the farm. With every tragic event, good somehow finds its way around.  It has for us, in the form of a new horse and friend named Beau.

Beau’s owner Jen called about three weeks ago after she heard of our losing Red, and wanted to help. It just so happens Jen’s father is a retired Navy Chief, and she could think of no better place to donate her horse. Beau is an 18yr old thoroughbred, who, after his time on the track was used for jumping. We’ll have a picture or two of Beau posted here in a few more days.

Surprisingly enough, he is as calm and quiet as they come. He loves the attention he’s getting here, and he’s getting used to his new home. Jen comes by on her days off to ride him and spend a little time with us around the barn. She has a special passion for horses, and it really shows when she is around them. Beau’s personality is a reflection of the excellent care he received from Jen. It’s a joy to have both of them around the farm.

We hope to be adding to the farm family with two mini-goats and two mini-donkeys. We’re waiting until some of the snow is gone, and we’re doing some barn rearranging to make room. They will be a great addition to the farm and, we look forward to the day they move in.

With the break in the weather (soon, we hope), we’ll start making preparations for the new growing season and a full summer and fall of activities. We hope to see more of our old friends, and make many new ones in the coming year -especially, our veterans!  The days are getting longer. It’s the time for farmers to look forward, make plans, and get antsy to start a new year. We’re right there, too, anticipating new crops of food, friends, and good times.


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