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March/April Update

March is usually a busy time for us, as winter is breaking and spring work begins.  Of course, this year Mother Nature threw us a curve, and slowed down the usual activities.  So we skipped a post for the last “month of winter” in our updates, since there was so little to tell!  We’ll do a little catch-up now.

March Update: Covered in snow and waiting for spring, the farm is still in hibernation! The stove is going and keeping the animals warm through the coldest days. Planning for the gardens and improvements on the barn “day room” have begun. Its time to get volunteers in place for the spring planting and the barn work, so if anyone is interested or has ideas for the gardens, please contact us.

April Update: The farm is waking from the winter snows and the melted snow and large rain water should help the ground prep for the garden planting. Planting will begin May 11th and go on for about two weeks. Anyone interested in helping out with the garden is very welcome. Please let us know if you can help, just to let us plan the work.

The farm has a new resident in Beau, a thoroughbred, to keep “lil” Girl company. he seems to be getting used to the surroundings and has taken to the pasture. He and “lil” Girl will be great buddies and should be ready for visits anytime.

The work for the barn day room is ongoing. With age and weather, the large beams along the wall of the barn needed to be stabilized and work on the room will continue once this is completed.

The chickens and ducks have been out since the big rains have gone through and the ducks are LOVING it!!  Grass is greening up and the buds on the trees and roses are beginning to appear. Its finally time to wake things up and watch them grow!

Come and visit the farm in early spring. These first warm days are a great time to be at the farm!


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Remembering one of our supporters

A good friend of the Freedom Farm, Mary Ann Cavener, passed away last month.  The family designated the Freedom Farm as one of the beneficiaries of any remembrances people wished to donate in her memory.

Mary Ann took an interest in the welfare of our soldiers overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan. She collected donations that she used to purchase items to send to our troops, as a way to express our gratitude for their service, and she corresponded with many, as well.

She showed that there are many ways to serve, and she will be missed.  May she rest in peace.


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