June Update

Last month was very good to our gardens, the rain and not too hot weather has really made our plants explode with growth. We started harvesting leaf lettuce and radishes toward the end of the month and we should be harvesting beans, beets and broccoli by the middle of next month. We planted some bicolored corn this year which will be ready sometime in August, our pumpkin and melon patch seem to be starting nicely.

The new chicken and duck yard is coming along, their new house has been leveled and is almost ready for stain. The pond and new fence are on the to-do list, and will come along this summer as we fit them in between garden harvests. The addition of two full time staff on the farm has sure helped in the renovation on the barn and with the overall work load.

We are preparing for more tours to the Warbird museum, so if you have a group interested in seeing this fantastic collection let us know, and we can make the arrangements for a tour.

Coravir renovation is starting to take shape, with the demo starting, and the removal of all the extra wheel chairs and old beds. The new sign is being done by Whistling Pete’s of Winthrop Harbor and should be ready sometime next month. Halo Energy Group will be overseeing the energy upgrades; they will be using the latest (green) technology to make our facility as energy efficient as possible.

Beau has become a good addition to our equine program, we found another gentle giant! Lil’ Girl has settled nicely with her new friend and has totally regained her personality since losing Red.

We had a busy month and the month of July looks even busier so stop by and check out the progress on the farm.

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