July Update

July turned out to be very busy on the farm. The great growing weather has made our gardens explode with growth. The amount of produce will be more than double last year’s total. We’ve already taken two truck loads of lettuce to the food pantry, as well as beets, beans, and summer squash. We’re making food drops every Monday from now till the end of the growing season. I have seen many of our veterans at the shelter, so I know they’re eating well.

Cabbage head

A nice head of cabbage – ready for picking soon!

A view of the garden from the south

A view of the garden from the south, with the barn in the background

A view of the garden from the east

A view of the north plot from the east

A view of the garden from the east.

A view of the south plot from the east.

A view of the garden from the northeast

A view of the north plot from the northeast

We had a lamb roast on the 6th to celebrate the 4th of July. Many of the farm’s veterans and volunteers brought the side dishes and their lawn chairs. This was a new experience for many of our guests as the lamb was cooked on an open spit, (a family tradition that we enjoyed growing up). Many of our vet families found a new and delicious way to eat lamb. Needless to say we had no leftovers so, you might not want to miss the next roast! We’ve also cooked pigs the same way. The meat bastes in its own juices, then the extra drips away, leaving the meat moist but not greasy. And oh so good!

Roasting lambs

The lamb roast – just another hour or two to go!

The barn re-work has been slowed by the amount of garden work we’ve had, but still continues on. We pour two to three concrete post bases a week, in preparation for our new day room. The work will really come together when we can stay on it full time.

Coravir is coming along nicely. The crew has the first floor halls and day room areas ready for paint, and the old ceilings are coming down. Much of the extra nursing equipment has been passed along to other organizations who need it, and all the old mattresses are gone. Halo Industries is in charge of doing all the energy efficient upgrades to the utilities – this will result in a huge savings on utility bills.

The farm has really blossomed this year with many new friends and activities, so if you’re interested in helping a veteran or helping in our gardens stop out and pay us a visit. The gates open at 6 a.m. seven days a week.

Hope to see you down on the farm!

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