September Update

August and September have been the busiest months for the farm this year. In September the harvesting was busy and plentiful, with over two thousand pounds of produce going to our friends at the food pantries.

The Kids Rank group got to see the fruits of their labor; they helped with planting in the spring and now with the harvest. Watching them dig potatoes was very exciting – you’d swear they we’re digging for gold.  Great group!

We also started getting groups of recruits from Great Lakes Naval Base.  These young men and women volunteer their time helping on the farm.  They really gravitate to the farm because they get a chance to get off base and enjoy the peace and warmth. We have a cook out lunch for them, and it’s a good change from the usual mess on base. They really enjoy the variety.

The recruits would come daily if we had a bus to transport them. Transportation is the biggest problem they face enjoying the farm. As recruits, they are not allowed to have cars on base, and with the budget cuts the Navy has no money to spare for rides.  We are currently looking for a donor to help us get transportation for them in the form of a small bus, then we can send it to pick up the recruits daily.

On August 14 the Freedom Farm severed all ties with Coravir. Their inability to obtain funding for the home lead to this separation. Unfortunately, the farm does not have the funds to support such a project, so we wish them luck.

September was filled with more harvest activity, and many new friends to the farm. We’ve seen an increase in the amount of produce going directly to our veterans and active families. With word traveling about our programs, they come to get the organically grown produce. The taste is much better and the price is right – “free”.

Some of those who take the produce return with it in a dish or loaf. They love to give back, too, so they cook us something for the farm and what treats they are! Only problem now is, it seems like we’re eating all the time.

Our chickens are getting older now so the egg production has dropped off. We’ll be adding 25 new chicks in the spring so that will help boost the egg production.

Our horses, “lil”girl and Beau, have never had it so good. They get so many brushings and hugs throughout the week that sometimes they stay at the south end of the farm, away from all the buildings and people, for some peace. They seem to need their quiet time too!

Even though the season is winding down stop by and pay us a visit. Something new is always happening on the farm.

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