February Update

The month of February was a book end to January; snow, ice and really cold – in other words normal winter.

The amount of snow and ice caused some hazardous conditions on the farm, mostly on the drive. The horses had no problems but the chickens and ducks didn’t venture too far from their homes (they don’t like cold feet). The hard winds kept moving snow from open pastures to our paths and drive, which made blowing and shoveling snow almost a daily task.

We took our first tour this year at the Warbird Heritage Foundation with a veteran Marine pilot. Craig, a retired corporate and former Top Gun pilot, enjoyed his tour and meeting with the chief pilot from the foundation. Listening to these two gentlemen exchange stories about flying was, to say the least, very interesting. Craig was all smiles at the condition of these classic aircraft, especially the T-2B Buckeye. He told stories about his time flying this aircraft in the Marines and how much he enjoyed it. When asked what he missed most about flying he stated without hesitation, “Flying combat jets!”.

This is another ongoing program we have on the farm, so if you have a group who would be interested in seeing this fine collection of aircraft give us a call and we’ll set up a tour. (view aircraft @ WarbirdHeritageFoundation.org)

All indications of a cold spring are on the horizon, which means planting will be late, but the good thing is there will be no shortage of moisture in the soil.  Getting the garden in will depend on how much drying we get after the snow is gone, but don’t hold your breath it might be a while.

It looks to be a busy season this year, so stop by for a visit, have a cup of coffee, and see what’s going on.

Think Spring!

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