April Update

Spring has finally sprung! We didn’t post a March update because the farm was either frozen solid or it was all running water and mud; therefore not much happened.  (Unless you’re interested in hearing about muddy boots, paws, and hoofs – I didn’t think so.)  We did planning for our gardens and started collecting the seeds, so when everything dries out after all this rain we’ll be ready.

We added two new members to our team this year – Kirk Morris, a Gold Star father and a veteran Marine, and Don Guzan a Vietnam veteran and Marine, as well. I will add their bios to the post next month.  These two veterans will add some expertise that is needed to move forward completing our mission.

We started doing our spring clean up around the farm, and the warm days have been a nice change.  With the large amounts of snow and the deep frost it will be a little while before the soil warms enough to plant, but we’ll be ready.

The Kids Rank group plans to be out on the 10th of May to help us
plant.  This will be their first outing of the year.  They plan to make
frequent visits this summer, and we always have new surprises for
them; should be a fun summer.

We moved the rose garden inside the farm to better soil, and with the
help from Don Guzan the roses should be excellent this year.

We’ve hit a few bumpy roads on our journey so far, but they won’t stop us from our mission to help our heroes with whatever is needed.  We’re working daily, along with many other organizations throughout the country, in an effort to help provide all our veterans the opportunities to return to a healthy happy life.  It seems only fitting, after their dedicated service to keep us free and safe.

Stop by for a visit and see our little piece of heaven on earth, whether you’re a veteran yourself, family, or just someone who’d like to help, or say, “Thank you for your service.”


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2 responses to “April Update

  1. Sue Kasbashian

    Are there any female veterans on board? I may be interested in volunteering or helping with whatever you may need to do. I am a retired Master Sergeant, U.S. Army and live in Beach Park. I suffer from PTSD, depression, anxiety and others illnesses stemming from my military service. I’m trying to learn to cope with my symptoms and manage them as well. This farm sounds like a great place for someone like me. Please let me know a little more about your mission

    • Don Guzan

      Check out the display wall at first bank of highland park. It went up on 7/2/14. It gives a good description of what our mission is. Google the bank. I’m sure there are images on their website.

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