July Update

These last couple of months have been busy, busy, busy. Kids rank stepped up with a large group to help us get the gardens in and now they are producing like mad. Great job!

We haven’t had the produce to deliver to our local food pantries, as we have in past seasons, due to the demand from our veterans and their families that are in need. We wish we had enough for everyone, but as long as it doesn’t go to waste, we’re glad that someone is benefitting.

‘Lil Girl and Beau have had many visitors throughout the summer; they’ve helped some of our PTSD veterans start the healing process. Horses have a special way of connecting with those who need a friend. As one veteran puts it, they “make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.” I’ve never had it described that way before, but that’s exactly the kind of reaction we’re looking for. It’s a good start for those who feel alone and in need of a friend.

August plans to be just another busy month, with NBC coming out next week to film a special “Kids Rank Down on The farm”. This should be exciting for the kids and their families. Then the Vista Seniors will be having a picnic at the farm on the 23rd. They expect their turnout at around 100, and we’re hoping for good weather for them.

Home Depot will be donating four new picnic tables, a permanent structure for veterans supplies, and will be bringing out the new Kids Rank Clubhouse. Thanks to Mitch Moore and all the Home Depot staff for helping build the farm.

A special thanks goes out to First Bank of Highland Park for featuring us on the Ruth Fell Wander Community Art Wall. Marty Cornett, Don Guzan, and the staff from the bank did a super job!

Have a safe August, and stop by the farm for a cup of coffee. The gate is always open!

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