Summer Update

The summer started out with a bang, we have had groups volunteering to help on the farm each weekend. The Navy Chiefs have been out every Saturday to help with finishing the Kids Rank club houses as well as clearing the south end of brush and dead trees. We had a group from US Cellular to help with the weeding of the gardens, clearing the south end of brush and the planting of 30 pine trees(see photos). Abbott had two separate volunteer groups out to help maintain our gardens and get the farm ready for the summer sessions. We Thank all the volunteers who help us get the work done, the farm depends on you and so do our veterans, any groups wishing to join our army of volunteers contact us and get on the schedule.
The Farmers Market in Wadsworth began July 15th and goes on through September 30th so come pay us a visit.(located at the village hall on Wadsworth Road) We will be selling our produce as well as crafts made by the kids from Kids Rank,all proceeds go to keeping our farm open for those who need us.
A new pond has been built as a project for an Eagle Scout, a special “Thank You” goes to Bruce Diederich with Waukegan Roofing for donating the liner to complete the pond; this will enhance our bird yard and give our duck a place to cool off, we plan on getting Sally a few more pond mates.
We have added a new horse to our program. This new addition has been donated by a veteran family who gives us their full support and sees the need for our horse program. Thank You Very Much in trusting us with the care of your fantastic horse, she will live  a happy life on the farm and will as all our animals become part of the family.
The Rose Program has been doing Fantastic, our Ladies have been warming the hearts of those in the hospital at the V.A. Each Sunday they vase up the roses and with smiles on there faces  greet the waiting patients, the only visitors some get are our ladies on Sunday. We would like to have more groups participate in our delivery program, it warms the hearts of those involved.The new roses donated for the garden are doing well and provide many fresh blooms for Sunday, donations of roses for the garden are always needed.

July brought us a busy schedule as well, the Farmers Market began, the 23rd was our Poker Run sponsored by the VFW Riders Group from Post 1865 in Kenosha, which was a a lot of fun, thanks to everyone who participated and rode out and in the rain with us.

Thank You to all those groups and corporate sponsors who help us serve our Veterans, Active Military and there families in any way we can, with out your support our mission would take longer to complete!

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