Magic of Kindness Returns in Full Circle

Many of you may remember Miss Maddie, our little girl whose birthday wish last year was for the money that people would give her to be donated directly to the Freedom Farm.  Friends and family followed her wishes and along with some local businesses who donated as well, a grand total of $1800 was collected and donated to the Freedom Farm. Tempel Farms is who we get our hay and straw from for the horses and chickens, because of Maddie’s generosity; they now completely donate as much hay and straw as we need.

In early July, the farm received a new horse donated by the Alea Roberts, as she was headed off to college and the workforce and would not be able to put in the time to care for Athena.  It was decided that beautiful Athena would be given to Maddie to return the Magic of Kindness in full circle.  This, however was a complete surprise, Maddie had no idea that on a Saturday afternoon when she accompanied her parents up the street to visit the farm, she would receive the gift of a lifetime.



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