Spring update

It has been a busy Spring full of rain and planting but all four of our gardens are now completely planted ready to be fenced in to help keep the critters out.  Our weekdays are busy with small projects around the farm such as finishing up painting trip for around the barn to weeding our gardens.  Our weekends are packed full with our Navy spending their entire weekend helping out on the farm working on siding, weeding and whatever else we have for them. This past weekend, they helped plant 25 rose bushes that were all donated in honor of a veteran who has passed on in our memorial rose garden.

Our next event will be starting the middle of July, we will have a booth at the Wadsworth Farmer’s Market on Friday afternoons from 2pm-7pm, be sure and come see us there every Friday from July 14th through September 30th.

We will be having a volunteer group from Abbott’s joining us on July 10th for an afternoon of working on the farm. If you are interested in bringing a group out to volunteer on the farm, please reach out to us, we will be glad to have you.

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