Happy 10th Anniversary (part 4)

A program dear to the hearts of those that visit the farm is the horse program. They have been at the farm since the beginning.

Horses have been documented to be a healing component in everyone’s life….It has been shown in studies that horses and their care has proven to be a healing factor in the lives of many children and adults. The Freedom Farm For Vets chooses to use equine assisted therapy for the management of stress, where time with horses helps vets become comfortable with feeding and grooming and builds trust that they can transfer to their lives and families.

Veterans have been known to visit the farm with no experience with horses, many afraid to get too close. With gradual exposure to the horses and, with guidance from the farm management, they are excited to return to help with grooming and feeding, as they have created a bond with the horses and a sense of peacefulness in the environment.

Horses have an intuition, a sense of what people are feeling, sensing issues trust or anxiety people may be having. In one instance, “Little Girl” worked slowly with a veteran to earn trust that she would not hurt them. After a time, when the trust from the veteran was increased, they relaxed and spent time together in grooming and meeting at the pasture fence. Horses have been know to go up to people and stand, waiting for a response from the person. It is amazing to watch.

Please support the farm in this special program. The work that the horses and the veterans do together is of great importance to the well being of the veterans. Helping support the horses supports the veteran.

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