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Chris Patterson Memorial Ride

The Chris Patterson Memorial Foundation was founded by the family of SPC Chris Patterson, KIA 01/06/2012, OEF. Chris had a great love of the Performing Arts. He was an actor, a singer and a musician performing with various groups. The foundation supports the performing arts as his legacy. Giving out cash awards to Seniors at Christopher’s alma mater who participate in the Performing Arts.

The Freedom Farm was a chosen recipient from this year’s Memorial Ride in Christopher’s honor. We would like to express our sincere thank you for your contribution and continued support from the family and organization. It is a beautiful ride we attend and will continue to attend each year. Thank you for your continued support in what we do here, thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Patterson for joining us during our Fall Festival to present the check and for your kind words.

Please visit http://www.chrispattersonmemorial.org for more information about their organization.

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