Happy New Year

From our family to yours, the Freedom Farm wishes each and every one a health and Happy New Year.  Thank you for your continued love and support.




Heumann Well Drilling Donates a Well

Heumann Well Drilling spent a couple days on the farm installing a well for us that they donated 100% to the Freedom Farm.  We cannot thank you enough for your time and donation to our organization, for giving us a supply of water for our animals, veggies, and roses to drink.  Thank you again for your support.


Please visit our  Facebook page to see the rest of the photos: www.facebook.com/freedomfarmforvets


Fall Festival Saturday

Our annual Fall Festival was Saturday, October 7th scheduled from 1 to 7pm.  With the sky clearing up, during the morning set-up, we were very hopeful that the storm was passing by us and would bring an enjoyable afternoon. Thank you to all our volunteers who came out to help us with final set-up preparations for our event; by 12:30pm we were ready for visitors to show up.  New to our event this year: Patch 22 brought their ponies and gave pony rides to the kids; Grub n Go Food Vendor, a pie eating contest both for adults and kids, and finally apple and pickle bobbing.

We made it about 3 hours into the event before the rain came, but that sure didn’t stop people from hanging out in the barn and even the kids hanging out in the clubhouse and playing in the rain.  Thank you to all who came and spent  your afternoon with us, to our volunteers who baked for and who manned our bake sale table, as well as our volunteers who made the quilts and items for our raffles and silent auction.  We are already planning for bigger and better for next year.  Below is a sneak peak and some photos, please click on the link to be taken to our Facebook Page for all photos from the day.


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End of Summer Update

Summer is a busy time on the Farm with the maintaining of the gardens, participating in the Wadsworth Farmer’s Market, and just enjoying farm life and our volunteers and visitors who come to see us.  On August 26th, we participated in the Wauk for Awareness Suicide Prevention Walk in Beach Park again this year.  We were one of several organizations whom walkers could register for and a percentage of the registration fee would come back to that organization.  It was a very warm, and humid day but our walkers and volunteers stuck it out and had a great time. Labor Day, we participated in Jubilee Days in Zion again this year, our volunteers as well as Kids Rank, and our goats Sir Timothy and Chief Huckleberry, rode on our hay wagon built float and tossed out candy to parade watchers of all ages.  We also had our information booth set up all afternoon where we handed out flyers and met with veterans and guests to spread the word about what we are all about.

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Poker Run

We had beautiful Saturday weather for our Poker Run hosted by the Armed Forces of America MC.  Thank you to all who came to ride and spend the day with us.  Thank you to Armed Forces of America MC, Winthrop Harbor VFW Post 7448, and Kenosha VFW Post 1865 for all your support and for believing in what we are doing.  $500 was donated to our organization and we thank each and every one of you.

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