Freedom Farm For Vets is a non-profit working farm with a main purpose of growing vegetables, offering therapeutic animal interaction and providing a peaceful and purposeful place for veterans to go. The farm is open to all veterans and their families, giving them a positive place to be a part of and to visit.

Veterans are free to work in the gardens and take home vegetables to their families, interact with the animals or simply sit under the apple trees and observe farm life.

Vegetables grown on the farm are donated to a local food pantry and sold in the local community to raise funds to be used to help our veterans in any way possible.

For now, you can learn about how the Balen family farm inspired our organization’s mission on our About page. Over time we’ll be posting some family and farm related history along with farm updates on our Farm Journal.

If you’re interested in supporting us in some way or visiting us on the farm feel free to get in touch.

Thanks for visiting.

John Ress
Founder, Freedom Farm for Vets

4 responses to “Welcome

  1. Great site! Could you send more info about your veterans assistance initiative to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America at info@iava.org? main website is http://www.IAVA.org. Thank you SO much for your love and concern for our veterans!

  2. John

    I am a veteran. US Army 1958-61
    I love horses
    Phillip means Lover of horses..it’s from classical greek language.
    Do I need to call ahead to visit your sanctuary? If so. What’s your number?
    Phillip Racette.

  3. Amy L. Sliter

    I understand. I need the same therapy and my dogs help me more than people do.

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